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​Deeper Connections


Couples  -  June 5 - 7, 2024

Couples -  September 29 - October 1, 2024

Privayte Sessions by appointment only

If you have run out of ideas for keeping your love relationship growing, you should consider learning new ways to love each other and yourself!  At our Couples Attraction Rejuvenation Workshop or Retreat you will discover new depths of communication, love and companionship to rejuvenate your attraction to each other as if falling in love all over again!  Even if you are happy with your current relationship, a workshop or retreat like this could do wonders for keeping that happiness throughout the growth and development of your relationship.

Tantra views the world as a physical manifestation of God and higher consciousness. All things on earth, including yourself, your body, and the people and things that you know are manifestations of the divine. Participating in a workshop or retreat that is designed to follow the yoga teachings of Tantra is an amazing journey if it is what you are looking for.

Tantra yoga practice is a state of being where your body, mind and soul are cleansed and harmonized and can act authentically as one.

  1. 1) Cleansing is a de-conditioning which brings your mind and your body to the point where they are free of fear-based programs, allows you to forgive yourself and others while being at the deepest levels of your soul.

  2. 2)  Harmonization refers to your feelings, what you think, say and act as one and that your mind and body and speech are all connected.

If we can align our inner selves we can become aligned with the universe. At this point we can finally live as though we are connected to a network where our desires and our capacities come to a point of balance and the universe starts to deliver the desires of our hearts.


During your time at a Tantra workshop or retreat you can learn the basic meaning of the holistic Tantric Yoga Practice and you will have the opportunity to practice some of the basic yoga teachings of Tantra.

The Tantra Yoga workshop or retreat will include teaching you to find the divinity in all people and things and how to become wholesome and to live and have wholesome relationships with others. If you can trust yourself then you can allow yourself to trust others. At the Tantra yoga workshop or retreat you learn about Divine Love, not just the physical form of love, but self-love and love for others, known and unknown. Through finding the Divinity in each other we allow ourselves to grow more closely connected and to interact more authentically.

Focus for the Tantra workshop or retreat therefore will be on !) seeing the divinity in all people, and living things, 2) loving touch, 3) Gazing,

4) breathing exercises, 5) Chakra Alignment, 6) Developing Intuition , 7) Meditation and 8) We will also learn and practice sensual touch and two basic tantric yoga techniques designed for couples to connect at the energy centers. Each participant will have the opportunity to give and receive what they learn with each other.  This session can be done in lose fitting comfortable clothing, or however you are comfortable. 

Although the workshop or retreat is designed as a sensual experience, sex and/or climax is not the intention.  We create an open space for you to learn by experience and practice within a safe space among other open and like minded people.         

Couples Attraction Rejuvenation Retreat
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