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Nothing says “I love You” like Indulgence!

To make your Romantic Getaway more memorable, you may wish to add sn Indulgence Package...

Surprise your partner, upon arrival, with this thoughtful display of romance that let's them know they're special and that you planned ahead...  (Minimum 48 Hour advanced notice required)

This popular indulgence package is sure to bring a smile : }

  • A Lavish Bouquet of Fresh Flowers with an “I Love You” message

  • A Bottle of Sparkling Wine or Champagne on ice, upon arrival.

  • Fresh Florida Hand Dipped Chocolate Strawberries

  • 2 Hand Etched Runaway Bay Wine Glasses

       $169 + the nightly rate for your reservation. 

Light Pink Roses
Massage Charlotte at Runaway Bay

Services and Workshops are intended to be educational in nature and are not to be considered as Healthcare, Massage, Therapy, Health Care, Treatment, Diagnosis, Cure or in any way considered to be medical, in nature.  We are not medical doctors or licensed massage therapists.  Our servicess and workshops are exclusively offered to our members and are intended to be educational and exploratory.
Topics include sound vibration, energetic yoga breathe work,  aura cleanse, chakra balance, tantra, self care, affirmation, mirror work and other releavant topics that promote positive mind, body and soul cohesiveness.

Outdoor Picnic

Picnic and Snorkeling at the springs


Reconnect with each other on this beautiful lake and springs picnic trip for 2. Just bring your sunscreen & you’ll have everything you need for an exciting day on the water or under a shade tree at one of our local state parks!

A lovely indulgence for an afternoon of boating, snorkeling, picnic lunch,  wine, cheese, snacks, love & laughter. We supply the dishes, silverware, napkins and tablecloth, in a traditional wicker picnic basket, so, all that is missing is “You”!

  • Picnic includes a 1 hour boat ride (30 minutes each way) to Silver Glen Run, or one of the other local springs where you can enjoy a swim in crystal clear fresh natural mineral spring water coming directly from the spring head, or take a look under the water with snorkels and see the vibrant life of schools of fish that gather at the spring head.. You can stay at the springs for up to 2 hours. Also included are the following:

  • Two delicious sandwiches filled with lettuce, tomato, meat and cheese on whole grain bread

  • Potato Salad

  • Cheese and Crackers

  • Seasonal fresh cut fruit

  • Home baked cookies

  • Bottled waters

  • 1 Bottle of red wine or white wine

  •  Cost: $279 + the cost of your vacation home. (Minimum 72 hour notice required)

boat picnic at Runaway Bay Lodge
boat picnic at Runaway Bay Lodge
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