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Free Discovery Session

Affirmation and Manifestation begins with a Discovery Session where we can identify areas of help.

  • 30 min
  • Free
  • The LODGE @Runaway Bay

Service Description

You are where you are now because you believe you belong there. I believe that most everyone can live a closer to perfect life, than they are currently living. Most people just “THINK” their way to disappointment, poverty, poor health, bad relationships and average experiences. They think thoughts like, “I don’t have enough_________”, or “I don’t feel well”, or “they always ________ ... In my past careers, I have been a corporate trainer, sales manager, case manager, and entrepreneur. I had been coaching and training high level, successful people in doing repetitive mindset exercises to be more productive for me or others. Now I take some of the same methods that worked best to effect fast, positive, measurable and lasting change, in employees, to motivate individuals into changing their Mind and Body into an exciting place for your Soul to thrive! Whether you play sports, run a business, write novels, create music or other art, perform or just want to enjoy your life more fully, you can achieve peak performance from within by taking the time to work on the things that are blocking your creativity, confidence, growth and understanding. *These workshops and services are spiritually based and provided for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. These workshops and services should not be considered as health care, medical advice, therapy, healing, etc. Furthermore, our facilitators are not medical doctors or health care practitioners and are not providing any medical diagnosis, recommendation, advice or cure.

Contact Details

  • 1610 Lake George Road, Seville, FL, USA


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