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Welcome to Florida. Can you take The Heat?

Get over to Runaway Bay and play in one of the many fresh water springs that feed into Lake George. We are a 15 minute boat ride to most of the popular springs along Lake George, like Silver Glen Run, Juniper Springs and Salt Springs. We are also close to Alexandria Springs, Deleon Springs and Blue Springs. Check out what's going on at Runaway Bay

So Florida and a lot of areas around the country has been seeing triple digit temperatures creating wilted plants, sweaty people and sweltering conditions. If you have been moving from one air conditioned facility to another, week in and week out, don't you think that it's time for a break from the heat? Florida has refreshing watersports at the Beaches, Lakes, Springs and Rivers! From Runaway Bay Lodge on Lake George, you can visit several freshwater springs with crystal clear cool water to swim in. We often forget how close we are to all of this because a good portion of the Central Florida water activities are accessible, or best enjoyed by boat, such as, Disappearing Island - New Smyrna Beach, and the lakeside portions of many of the springs along The St Johns River like, Silver Glen, Blue Springs, Deleon Springs, Salt Springs, Juniper Creek, etc.

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