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Fishing Report:

Somehow, Lake George is the place to go for flounder

Shrimp remain the star in freshwater ­and saltwater, too, for that matter. The best catches of the largest shrimp are down around Lake George and that makes sense. One of the early runs of shrimp into the inlet at Mayport has made its way south, and that’s about as far as they’re going to go because of decreasing salinity. The shrimp caught deep during the day are generally larger than those that move into the shallows after dark. It’s really a mixed bag now. Larger shrimp will run for an hour then the smaller shrimp move in. One of your best shrimping friends now can be a net with 5/8-inch mesh. This allows a lot of the dink shrimp to escape as you lift and shake the net.

Believe it or not (and guides down there have a hard time doing it) the best flounder fishing in the area is down by Lake George as well. They’re slaying flounder all over Little Lake George, fishing shrimp and jigs on the bottom anywhere there’s a slight drop. And these are averaging 2 to 4 pounds and are about as fat as they can be from gorging on the shrimp.

The bluegill bite around Dunn’s Creek is excellent and these are the jumbo copperheads. There’s a bite of warmouth going on in the Ocklawaha River. Catfish fishing remains great. The Crescent Lake area is thick with mullet. They’re about halfway full of roe.

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