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Make it Special...

Although the holidays are already upon us, we would like to point out that there are hundreds of special occasions throughout the year. At this time and all throughout the year, we hope that your occasions are very special and that you always have merriness in you heart and travel in your plans...

WOW! these desserts don't only look awesome they taste great because they are custom made, from scratch and really complement any occasion.

Celebrating a special occasion? Personalized hand made cakes and desserts put the icing on any celebration. At Runaway Bay Lodge, we love the opportunity to be able to offer our very best personal services.

Imagine the delight of one of our custom "from scratch" cakes, or our hand made chocolate covered strawberries and other specialty homemade desserts! this cookie cake is completely edible! Even the cup is made by using a rice crispies treat molded and then covered in fondant.

All shown desserts were hand made with the love and artistry of "Sweet" Christina Brown.

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