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What's there to do around here?

Running a vacation property we run into a lot of people from all over the world and because of our rural location, some of our guests arrive and realize that we meant it when we said that you would have to travel a bit to get to a restaurant or grocery store. Fortunately, there is a small community bar next door at the public boat ramp. When our guests settle in, "What's there to do around here?" is the most often asked question. The other common questions are sort of a variation of the first question, and are basically as follows: #1) "Where can we go out to eat.. #2) "Where can we go hang out for a few drinks?", #3 "What are some of your suggested restaurants?" We have been checking out several locations around Runaway Bay and wanted to feature a few of our favorites. Restaurants in Deland are generally open later and the bars stay open until around 2:00 am on the weekends and during the week some may close a little earlier. In Crescent City you will be pressed to find a restaurant open after about 9:00 pm. You can find a lot of live music at Deland Restaurants and even a street festival several times per year, as well as, a huge music festival with about 7 different stages throughout the city that is held annually. Being located in a rural location, some of these places may also be closed certain days of the week, or just because... Some of the places listed below are not necessarily typical dining places but they offer surprisingly delicious food, like

Pancho's Place: right at the center of our town, you'll know you're there by the constant flashing yellow light and there's a 24 hour gas station. Pancho's is a small grocery & butcher shop. They serve some of the freshest and best tacos and tortas around! Pancho's is only open until around 6:00pm Mon - Sat. If you want some authentic Mexican tacos with farm to table meat and veggies, you have to try Pancho's. I love the torta and the street tacos.

Three Bananas: For some great bar food, you can take a ride north on Hwy 17 to Three Bananas Restaurant and Bar. Three Bananas is a Key West styled waterfront restaurant serving various twists on bar favorites like chicken wings, burgers fish & chips, with a lively and casual atmosphere. Oh, make sure you have some of their fresh homemade local baked crab dip. I don't know what else is in it but it must be made in Heaven! Three Bananas has themed nights and a Trivia Night tradition for over a decade. Three Bananas is located right next the The Crescent Lake Public Boat Ramp and has indoor and outdoor seating as well as a long dock with a bar out over the water. The food and service at Three Bananas has been consistently good and has become a family favorite when our kids are in town.

There are not a lot of other restaurants south until you get to Deland where you will find several dining and entertainment options, such as:

Smokin' J's: The name kind of says it all...

...If you've got the munchies and want to try some of the best Southern Barbecue in the Southern most state of Florida, You have got to check out Jeremy over at Smokin' J's! This is not like Sonny's or other barbecue places that do not even have a smoker and have meat delivered just to be warmed... This is the real, "Make you get up and slap yo mama delicious!" barbecue that you've been craving!! Jeremy smokes every morning, then he cooks the meat. JK. Every morning Jeremy smokes all of the days meats in a courtyard of huge custom made smokers right behind the restaurant. Jeremy has perfected his method over several years and is consistently delivering outstanding barbecue in Deland and catering is available.

BYTE a modern dining experience...

...with dishes such as sashimi seaweed salad served on a Himalayan Salt Rock Plate, or WILD MUSHROOM PARPADELLE a Wild Mushroom Ragut, with Marsala Cream, Shaved Parmesan, Herbed Truffle Oil, Chives & Portobello Ragout or a PIQUILLO PEPPER BISQUE with Cotija Crema, Charred Corn and Crispy Chorizo.

De La Vega: You can also indulge in tapas at...

...De La Vega where vegan and non vegan dishes are available. A favorite vegan dish of mine, at De La Vega is The Hibiscus Tacos with carmelized onions, fresh farm to table greens and pico de gallo...YUM!!! There are numerous mouth watering choices of some familiar tapas and some with a vegan twist. all is delicious and artistically presented.

If you want some really good Greek food, stop in at Santorini's for some delicious home cooked meals, fresh and authentico! Anything with lamb or chicken are good at Santorini's. There is a seasonal Navy Bean Soup that is nothing like you've ever tasted!

Cafe DaVinci: If you are in Deland you should definitely check out Cafe DaVinci for live music in an open courtyard setting with cafe lights, stars and moonlight. Cafe DaVinci books high quality entertainment. We have seen a lot of good shows, up front and personal, in a great setting, like Beebs and Her Money Makers, Collie Budz, G-Love, The Original Wailers and LUV-U to name a few.

The Twisted Chopstick: afterwards you can satisfy your late night munchies over at The Twisted Chopstick... (This is a Twisted Burrito)

...where food and artistry combine in a palatial explosion of YUM!!! Beautiful food, art and people prepare love on a roll at The Twisted Chopstick.

There are also a few chain restaurants like Chili's, but who cares... You know what that's a;; about.

So, you have some dining and entertainment choices.

For more information about activities at and/or near Runaway Bay, CLICK HERE.

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