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Fully Furnished Temporary Housing available for short term or between moves

Temporary housing becomes necessary, for many people, as a last minute event and often leaves the household in a panic.

Sometimes your real estate agent sells your home fast, but you cannot seem to get an offer in on a new home in time, so you put your things in storage and look for temporary housing to avoid having to sign a long term rental agreement.  This works especially well for people who are moving to a new location due to a job transfer or relocation.  If you move in and try to find the perfect house in an unfamiliar town, things may not work out as you envisioned; however, if you take a little time to get to know your new town, by actually living and working there for a couple months, you will be able to make a better home purchase decision, because you have given yourself time to become familiar with your route to work, school, etc, and you have probably found areas that you would love to live in and some that you never want to have to drive through again. Runaway Bay offers temporary housing on a monthly basis with no long term contracts.

Search above for availability and pricing, or call directly with any questions.

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