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Tired? Overworked? Stressed? Having trouble focussing? You made need "AFukenbrakE"

Runaway Bay Lodge is proud to announce that "AFukenbrakE" will be offered at our establishment for a limited introductory period. AphukenbrakE may be taken with food, alcohol and/or marijuana to enhance the effects. If the effects of "AFukenbrakE" last longer than 4 hours, consider yourself lucky, but call and check on your kids immediately! Please watch this video for other important information from the makers of "AFukenbrakE"

Please watch this video, from the makers of AFukenbrakE to Find out if AFukenbrakE may be right for you

What? You can't take the time to watch this video??? You need "AfukenbrakE" BAD!!!

3 Tips for a more energized life:

1) Take time to relax your mind, body and soul.

A planned getaway to a peaceful, quiet Happy place can have exponetial benefits to your overall well being. Time alone can help focus, unwind, prioritize and organize thoughts. Time away from the home, work and the normal day to day stress can help build stronger relationships through spending time together without distractions.

2) Get out and Excercise. Excercise doesn't have to be joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer. Excercise can be simply increasing the activity level of your life. There are so may outdoor activities that are available for less than $25 that include excercise. Some of these activities include: kayaking The St Johns River runs through several Central Florida Counties and offers unsurpassed opportunities for kayaking in and around the many springs.

3) Take AFukenbrakE! You deserve it.

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